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Reverse Engineering Amazon's Product Search Algorithm
To Expand Brand Visibility & Drive Channel Sales Growth

According to recent studies, over half of on-line shoppers turn to Amazon to start their product search, but roughly 70% of Amazon customers never click past the first page of their search results.

If you're not getting your products in from of the most in-market and highly valuable shoppers, they'll most likely go with your competitors -- leading your brand to missed sales growth opportunities in the marketplace. Join CPC Strategy's Head of Marketplace Strategy, Pat Petriello, as he dives into what drives the Amazon product search algorithm and actionable insights into increasing your product's visibility.

Click on the screen below to view this presentation from the Spring 2018 LEAD Marketing Conference:


Back to Basics: TPM Business Value

The current CPG Technology Business environment is focused on advanced future-looking analytics, which is the 'shiny new toy' of the CPG industry. While this is important, the objective of AFS Technologies' presentation is to inform attendees of simplilstic traditional trade efficiency aspects which do not require advanced analytics. and to refocus specific attention to areas which will drive business value.

Click on the screen below to view Joel Cartwright's presentation from the Spring 2018 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

Next Generation Loyalty in Food Retailing

An overview of the state of the loyalty landscape in the food industry by Graeme McVie, Chief Business Development Officer at Precima, with an emphasis on:

  • The shopper's and retailer's perspective on loyalty in the food industry
  • A model that you can adopt to pursue next-generation loyalty
  • Steps you can take today to achieve next-generation loyalty.

Click on the screen below to view this presentation from our Spring 2018 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

How CPG Brands Are Budgeting and Organizing around E-Commerce

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson reveals the findings of their annual survey into how CPG companies are budgeting and organizing for the online channel; see these results and get an exclusive peek into what CPGs are doing to win online.

Click on the screen below to view this session from a recent virtual LEAD Marketing Conference and find out:

  • Which eCommerce KPIs are considered most critical by 200 CPGs – and how these have changed year over year;
  • Their top organizational priorities and eCommerce challenges;
  • How the most successful eCommerce heads are budgeting and organizing around Amazon.

Multi-Dimensional Use of Data & Analytics in CPG Marketing

Data and analytics has become a marketer’s most powerful tool. Without knowing how to leverage your consumer data, your recommendations are just guesses.

Take a peek behind the curtain with Luckie to see how to turn insights into revenue by learning how brands like Brown-Forman, Cetahil and Little Debbie leveraged data and analytics to drive demand in the CPG marketplace.

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Using AI to Personalize the Grocery Shopping Experience

With increasing competition from both pure play and non-traditional retail giants, independent grocers and regional chains need to constantly evolve to increase shopper retention and grow the bottom line. The key to retention and growth is personalization: delivering the right offer, to the right shopper, at the right time.

In this presentation from the November 2017 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference by Merrick Rosner of AppCard, you will learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are giving independent grocers and regional chains the power to automate and personalize their marketing communications like the big guys. Click on the screen below to view this presentation:

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