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AI: Help or Hype?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to help you know exactly who your customers are, and what they want to buy, when, where, and how.

If you are leading sales, merchandising, new product innovations, or operations, this probably sounds a bit like a fairy tale. Unfortunately, with the hype around AI, which too often ends up as a "multi-million dollar trail of tears science experiment," it sometimes is.

Join Deb Stambaugh of r4 for a can't miss conversation, rich with stories from industry leaders, about what the very real AI business opportunities are and why they wouldn't accept less than measurable, extremely fast, yet scalable business impact.

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Are Personalized Offers the Remedy for Ineffective Trade Promotions?

Trade promotions have been a mainstay of the CPG and retail landscape for a number of years, but satisfaction has been decreasing. Manufacturers and retailers have been increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of trade promotions at the same time as trade spend budgets have been creeping up.  Shoppers, especially younger shoppers, are showing a greater appetite for personalized offers that are delivered digitally. So are personalized offers the remedy for ineffective trade promotions?

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Sales/Revenue Transformation Utilizing Historical Customer Order Data
& Predictive Analytics

In this session, Vik Mehta, Founder/Managing Pricipal of eMoksha Consulting, discusses how B2B/B2C businesses can apply predictive analytics strategies to historical customer orders to create tremendous value. He also demonstrates how
“actionable data” is more meaningful than “big data” in this context.

The presentation covers:

  • How retailers and e-commerce businesses can achieve revenue growth from historical sales orders
  • Identification of unique customer signals and behaviors hidden in sales orders.
  • Discussion of growth strategies such as customer retention, predicting/preventing customer churn, gaining lost customers and cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Realigning sales teams towards sales quality rather than quantity utilizing customer value scoring.

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Optimizing Displays through In-Store Behavior Analytics

Secondary product displays serve as important tactics for reaching shoppers in-store. Yet, most decisions related to displays are made today without proper understanding of the true impact of displays on shoppers – leading to significant inefficiencies at retail.

New technologies for in-store behavior analytics now enable precise measurement of display effectiveness, e.g. exposure, engagement and conversion – by product types, store location, shopper demographics and trip types. In this recording from the November 2016 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference, Rajeev Sharma and Richard Hirata of VideoMining discuss the big data and analytics framework for optimizing displays and present several case studies of how retailers and manufacturers have used this framework for improving display performance.

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A Playbook for ECommerce Measurement & Analytics

Listen in as Keith Anderson, SVP, Strategy & Insights at Profitero, and Justin Belgiano, VP Digital Measurement at Nielsen, discuss the importance of establishing key metrics that gauge e-commerce success, and share practical advice on how to effectively measure your brand's performance at the digital shelf.

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The Future of Digital & Loyalty Marketing

Join ProLogic’s Steve Avola and SUPERVALU’s Bill Lipsky as they discuss how SUPERVALU and its independent retailer partners drive value through loyalty and digital marketing. 

Bill covers SUPERVALU’s history with loyalty and digital marketing, with an emphasis on its application in a leading independent supermarket chain.  You’ll learn how a retailer can identify its top shoppers which provide the majority of its sales and profits and how the retailer can grow the purchases of these shoppers through targeted and personalized offers. The session also addresses loyalty marketing’s role with new technologies, such as mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.

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