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Creating Merchandising Magic with Augmented Reality

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to selling-in new retail ideas. That’s why virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies are rapidly being adopted by the biggest names in retail, leading to greater collaboration and dollar sales.

Jenkin Lee of InContext Solutions reveals how AR is enabling sales teams to better visualize merchandising concepts with their retail partners—removing the guesswork and creating lifelike in-the-moment demonstrations of how new displays, signs, and fixturing would look in-store.. Click on the screen below to view this webinar from the Fall virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

How Brands and Retailers Can Prevent Coupon Fraud

A panel of experts, including Curtis Jackson of Procter & Gamble, Alex Kota of Kmart, John Morgan of the ACP, and Kit Leonard of Brand Technologies, joins Beth Buresh and Jon Robertson of ICN (Intelligent Clearing Network) to discuss how to identify counterfeit coupons weeks earlier than the negative file process commonly used today.

Learn how brands and retailers are using the new nationwide real-time counterfeit coupon alert system. Click on the screen below to view this webinar from the Fall virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:


Why Small Brands Are Big Online...And What to Do About It

What is the winning playbook and capabilities of smaller, emerging digital disruptors? And how are the best organizations thinking differently about organizing and structure?

In this opening session from CPGmatters' November virtual LEAD Marketing Conference, Keith Anderson of Profitero describes how small brands are winning the Amazon sales battle...and how large brands are fighting back.

Click on the screen below to view this webinar:

Test Launch Is the New Black: How Learning in Market Can Optimize Launch Success
And How Drinkworks Did it Best

Listen to this session from the November virtual LEAD Marketing Conference to hear more about the powerful trend toward launching new products in test markets. Organizations are using this approach as a way to skip the stage-gate process and get to market faster in a competitive landscape. It is a method that can also help mitigate risk.

Erin Russeck of AMC Global takes a deep dive into a real-world case study where a major beverage manufacturer, Drinkworks,  adopted a launch-and-learn strategy to bring their new-to-world product to market. Realizing that there is only value in a test market strategy if you allow real consumer insights to fuel the fire at every stage, the company partnered with AMC Global to create a best-in-class research plan for their launch.

Click on the screen to view this webinar:

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