Getting on the Shopping List for Game Day
By Josh Ginsberg

We are already well into August with back-to-school season upon us. Most CPG marketers have their sights set on the fall and all the hosting and purchases that come along with watching our favorite sports teams take the field. We have college and NFL football starting back up, baseball’s playoffs on the horizon and basketball and hockey about to begin. There is no shortage of sports action in front of us with the resulting viewing parties and get-togethers.
To provide valuable insights into how shoppers go about preparing for game day in or out of their homes, we asked over 3,000 of our Dailybreak users about their habits and preferences on these occasions. Below are some key insights and actions marketers can take to maintain relevance and get on shopping lists during this cluttered time of the year.

Digital Content Can Help Win the Pre-Shop Battle

Shoppers are looking for help hosting the Big Game. Forty-five percent look to digital resources, including curates. recipes and lists from web sites they trust as well as advice from friends across social channels, for help with inspiration. An additional 23 percent refer to more traditional cookbooks and magazines. Developing authentic hosting tips and creative hacks and distributing them natively on popular sites and social channels. is a sure fire way to build relevance with hosts and get on their list.

Game Time Shopping Is a Planned Part of the Grocery Trip

Speaking of getting on the list, the grocery store is the #1 choice for shoppers to fulfill that list and stock up before hosting. Forty-three percent of shoppers say the grocery store is where they are picking up supplies for the game. Both Walmart and Target are, of course, still strong options as well with 32 percent and 17 percent of shoppers respectively choosing those mass channel options. Rounding out the additional options are ordering online, drug stores and convenience stores with a combined 9 percent of respondents choosing those options. To maximize efficiency, shopper marketers would be best served to leverage their activations and sports assets around their key grocery and mass retailers.

Simple Solutions Win

Don’t forget K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple…Shopper (marketers). Game day hosts prefer preparing items that are easy and not too labor intensive. Fifty-nine percent of shoppers prefer going the route of either chips and dip and cheese and crackers or throwing frozen pizza and wings in the oven. Twenty-three percent of shoppers are willing to fire up the grill and prepare some sides and 15 percent go all out with a large variety of recipes. Pair together your complimentary food and beverage offerings or look into partnerships with our CPGs to create easy shopping options and simple but rewarding game day prep.

Focus Creative on Game Time at Home

With unlimited viewing options available to consumers, CPGs often think they need to get extra creative about their message and usage occasion. The research results say that marketers should focus their message around “homegating” as an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents say they are watching their favorite games at home. While heading to a tailgate or a fellow fan’s house does happen, only 23 percent of those surveyed say they chose one of those options on game day. Finally, viewing at a bar or restaurant rounded out the responses with a mere 5 percent. Moving away from creative around the stadium and bar and narrowing in on the homegating experience will have the greatest impact with the largest number of shoppers.

In closing, the ease of access to sports-related content through an abundance of technology is driving at-home viewing preferences among consumers. CPG marketers should focus their tactics around reaching their target pre-shop with homegating messaging and providing simple solutions and offers that can be used across grocery and mass channels.

Josh Ginsberg is Executive Vice President of Breaktime Media.

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