Frito-Lay Banks on Omnichannel Strategy      

Frito-Lay North America wants to meet customers where and when they want to shop, according to Mike Del Pozzo, SVP of Sales & Chief Customer Officer. “Are we accessible and relevant at the right price,” he asked in a presentation at the GroceryShop show in Las Vegas.
Del Pozzo discussed how the company plans to keep up with changing consumer preferences and behavior in an omnichannel world. He listed three key omnichannel trends:

  • Accessibility (variety of options)
  • Relevance (personalization).
  • Supply chain (get it right).

One of the subsets to omnichannel, said Del Pozzo, is loyalty, which for Frito-Lay means combining snacks and beverages. Frito-Lay is a division of PepsiCo.
He said Frito-Lay wants to work with retailers to improve three things:

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Ecommerce partnerships
  • Transition to a strategic end-to-end relationship.

Procter and Gamble Reaches Out to Those in Need

Procter and Gamble is increasing its various programs to improve the environment and to help consumers in need, said Carolyn Tastad, Group President, North America & Executive Sponsor, Gender Equality.

“Consumers expect us to tackle issues important to them. This is especially true of Digital Natives who grew up with computers and smartphones,” she said in a presentation recently at the GroceryShop show in Las Vegas.

She said the goal for the CPG industry should be to provide more products using fewer natural resources than years ago. To that end, P&G is a member of the Alliance for End Plastic Waste. It has diverted 5 million tons of waste from landfills.

Each month, girls around the world miss school because they cannot afford period protection. Over the years, Tasad said P&G has donated Always feminine hygiene pads to girls in underprivileged countries. Some 200 million pads have been donated since 2007.

Also, Tide Loads of Hope is a disaster relief program. Tide provides free laundry service for victims in need after a hurricane, flood or wildfire. P&G drives in its Loads of Hope truck, which is a free laundromat on wheels.

Marty the Robot Roams Giant Stores

Giant Food Stores has placed a robot called Marty in each of the chain’s 180 stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. “We are using Marty to help us work smarter,” said Sepideh Burkett, VP, Store Support, Giant Food Stores, speaking at the GroceryShop show recently in Las Vegas.

In a session on the technology-enabled store, Sepideh discussed how Giant is leveraging technology to better serve customers in it stores, optimize store performance and foster communications between stores and employees.

Sepideh listed a host of benefits of having the tall gray robot with googly eyes working alongside store associates: Hazard detection, out of stocks, temperature checks, end cap compliance, format mapping, and planogram compliance.

The robot workers are part of a larger plan by Giant’s parent company, Ahold Delhaize USA, to deploy about 500 robots to stores such as Giant, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop

Mars Wrigley Wants to Drive Shoppers to Stores

Mars Wrigley is counting on digital tactics to drive shoppers to stores to buy its products, according to Heather Kang, Global VP, Digital Demand for the maker of Snickers, M&M’s and other well-known confectionary brands.

“Data is sexy today,” she said in a presentation at the GroceryShop show in Las Vegas recently. The keys to success are to commit to learning and to keep the consumer at the center of all digital tactics. The only way to keep pace with the fast-changing marketplace is learn how to create collaboration.

She provided updates on the consumer side:

  • Mars Wrigley will focus on snack occasions, which she dubbed “moments that matter.”
  • Its remodeled store in China called M&M’s World Shanghai opened last December to provide interactive personalized experiences with the brand.
  • The M&M’s website at has been relaunched.



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                                                                         Early October 2019
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