AT&T Helps Red Bull ‘Connect’ Beverage Coolers Globally 

Red Bull is using an AT&T IoT solution to connect a million of its branded beverage coolers around the world. The solution will track and manage the supply and demand of the coolers. The data will help ensure beverages are cold and ready for shoppers. The solution will also help identify issues as they appear – or even before.
Alerts from coolers mean workers may no longer need to check the status of each unit manually. Precise data sent from the coolers will give near instant access to performance, temperature stats and geo-location information.

The data also provides shopper frequency insight from door activity from the coolers located worldwide. Each time a connected cooler door opens and closes, an embedded monitor collects data and on regular intervals sends the data via the AT&T Global SIM. The AT&T Control Center and AT&T IoT Platform (Flow and M2X) process the data from each cooler. 

Unilever Tops Gartner’s Supply Chain List

Unilever finished atop Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 ranking for the second consecutive year in 2017. The ranking identifies supply chain leaders and highlights their best practices.

“Despite some striking performances, today's supply chain leaders face a much different business environment than just 12 months ago,” said Stan Aronow, research vice president at Gartner. “A general trend toward protectionism, as evidenced by Brexit and the policies of the current U.S. administration, has caused some companies to shift supply network design decisions and create contingency plans in anticipation of new trade policies. Continued investment in innovative supply chain capabilities will be required to meet this changing landscape.”

Following Unilever were McDonald's, Inditex, Cisco and H&M. Diageo made the list for the first time.

Kimberly-Clark Partners with Meijer for Vacation Sweepstakes

Kimberly-Clark has launched “Magical Vacation Sweepstakes,” a text-based campaign to heighten awareness and sales of Huggies brand exclusively in Meijer stores. The campaign includes an instant win element to drive frequency and ongoing engagement throughout the promotion dates.

Promoted by the KC Shopper Connect team, the Magical Vacation Sweepstakes offers consumers the chance to win a dream Orlando vacation along with dozens of daily prizes. The sweepstakes is powered by technology from HelloWorld, a digital marketing solutions provider for brands.

Shoppers will be encouraged to text keyword MEIJER to a shortcode to receive a link to the campaign site. From there, shoppers can register with their email to play a memory match game featuring Huggies products for the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime Orlando vacation. Participants are encouraged to return daily for more chances to win prizes including movie passes from Fandango, discount codes, and Meijer gift cards. Additionally, consumers will be directed to share their excitement across social channels and help organically boost awareness and engagement for the campaign.

Through its collaboration with Meijer, Kimberly-Clark is continuing to bolster brand relationships and explore new ways to engage with consumers to drive long-term brand loyalty.

Peter DeNunzio, CEO of HelloWorld, said, “Kimberly-Clark’s shopper marketing campaign at Meijer not only delivers on larger business objectives for both partners, but also serves as a proven way to break through the noise consumers may experience at shelf.”

Eggland’s Best Named America’s Most Trusted Egg Brand

To help consumers more easily decide which grocery store products they can trust, BrandSpark International enlisted the help of more than 10,000 American shoppers for their annual American Shopper Study.

When it comes to which brand of egg consumers rely on, a poll of 10,000 shoppers named Eggland’s Best (EB) as America’s Most Trusted Egg. It earned top honors for the third year in a row in Brandspark International’s annual American Shopper Study.

"Consumer trust is critical for a brand to succeed," said Robert Levy, President of BrandSpark International.  "America's top brands such as Eggland's Best have established trust by repeatedly exceeding consumer expectations and creating a superior product experience.  Eggland's Best continues to elevate this trust further through timely innovation and consumers overwhelmingly cited the product's better nutrition, freshness variety, and taste."

Charlie Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland’s Best, said, “At Eggland’s Best, our goal is to consistently deliver a superior egg to our customers, and EB is the only egg that provides better taste, better nutrition, better variety, and better freshness.”

Eggland’s Best eggs are available in Classic, Cage Free, Organic, Hard-Cooked and Peeled and Liquid Egg White varieties.

Online Grocery ‘Clicks’ in the UK

New research from Mintel forecasts online grocery sales to reach £11.1 billion in 2017 in the U.K., up from an estimated £9.9 billion in 2016. With the market forecast to grow by 12 percent this year, the value of virtual shopping baskets is growing at a faster rate than physical ones. In 2016, sales in the online grocery market rose by an estimated 15 percent, while total food retail sales grew by just 1.5 percent.
The growth in the market comes as an increasing number of shoppers are choosing to forgo their trip to the supermarket. Almost one in three (29 percent) online shoppers say that in the past 12 months they have done more of their grocery shopping on the web.
What’s more, the proportion of Brits who say they do all of their grocery shopping online has doubled in recent years. As many as 14 percent of Brits currently do all of their grocery shopping online, up from 7 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, the proportion claiming to do most of their grocery shopping online has risen to 13 percent, up from 10 percent in 2014. Overall, 48 percent of Brits do at least some of their grocery shopping online, up from 43 percent who said the same in 2014.
Nick Carroll, Senior Retail Analyst at Mintel, said, “Online grocery is the quickest growing grocery channel. Once seen as simply a service to replicate the needs of a supermarket shop online, a number of new services came to market in 2016 that have the potential to elevate online grocery beyond this barrier and adequately serve the more fluid and frequent shopping behaviors seen in the wider market. Growth is being driven by encouraging users who have done most or some of their shopping online to do more. This suggests that it’s just as crucial for online grocery retailers to engage as much with their current consumer base as it is for them to attract new shoppers to drive sales.”

Movebutter Launches Next-Generation Supermarket in All 50 States

Movebutter is launching an online, direct-to-consumer supermarket across the country. The next-generation grocery store is building an entirely new food value chain by making everything in small batches and never holding stock.

The supermarket, built entirely online, will ship food from the nation’s top producers directly to consumers. By removing middlemen and overhead from the regular grocery model, Movebutter says it has not only made high-quality groceries affordable but also been able to grow faster than any other grocery store in the country, already covering all 50 states.

The company sells only its own brand of high-quality staples, removing the cost of marketing that's borne by the customer and making grocery shopping a far more seamless experience.

“Movebutter is based on a very bold and minimalist vision: Make better food available and affordable to everyone,” said Movebutter CEO and Founder Chai Mishra. “We're taking on the entire, ancient trillion-dollar supermarket industry…...So far in that fight, our main weapons were better technology and a radically better model.”

Registration Open for PLMA’s Washington Conference

The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) has opened registration for its 2017 Washington Conference Oct. 2-3. The proceedings will include briefings from government and legislative speakers about future policies of the FDA, Agriculture Department, Commerce Department, EPA and Small Business Administration.

Now in its twenty-eighth year, PLMA’s Washington Conference has earned a reputation for candid insights into Congress and the regulatory agencies. For more information, visit


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