Anticipation Building for TuttoFood 2019 in Milan        

By Linda Winick

TuttoFood, the international B2B show dedicated to food and beverage, will roll out the red carpet for attendees May 6-9 in Milan, Italy.

Organized by Fiera Milano, the event has grown into an influential showcase for presenting food and beverage products and for testing innovative concepts for national and international executives. It is designed meets the needs of companies that look mainly to the Italian market as well as companies that are focusing on exporting.

“A perfect mix of innovation, tradition and promotion of the authenticity of local products will accompany visitors as they find out about food business trends,” said show officials. “TuttoFood is the ideal place to compare experiences, analyze market trends and understand the evolution of consumption and buying patterns through targeted workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and events.”

More than 1,100 companies have already registered to participate at TuttoFood 2019, with five months still to go before the cutting of the ribbon. Of these, one in every twelve hails from outside Italy, with many of the most dynamic countries in terms of agro-food trade being represented, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iran, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey.

Also, exhibitors from the following countries will also be present: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Ecuador, Japan, India, Kosovo, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Tunisia, Vietnam and the United States.
National and international buyers will be able to take part in workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings about market trends and related topics.

For the first time, the USA Pavilion at TuttoFood has received the official endorsement of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The exhibit will be housed in an area that will bring together over 30 US companies, representing numerous American agro-food products.

TuttoFood officials said the endorsement by USDA represents a special and particularly satisfying acknowledgement since it is issued in accordance with stringent requirements of creating business opportunities. It represents further confirmation of the growing importance of TuttoFood as an international hub, thanks to its remarkable ability to bring suppliers and customers together in a targeted fashion and to anticipate market scenarios and consumer trends. TuttoFood becomes the first, and currently the only, USDA-certified agro-food event in Italy.

“In addition to bio and health trends at Tuttofood 2019, I expect to see even more niche and gourmet products,” said Robert D'Amato, General Manager of Casa Italia Gourmet Food & Wines in Australia. “TuttoFood is unique in Italy and I will not miss the next edition.”

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                                                                        Mid-January 2019
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