Pilot of Universal Positive Offer File Deemed a ‘Great Success’     

By Jack Grant

A recent coupon pilot demonstrated that single use offers in convenience stores can be validated by the POS, according to The Coupon Bureau. It also showed that TCB data pushed to the transaction would limit any purchase that did not meet purchase requirements.

CTB presented results of the pilot at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores show in Las Vegas. The Bureau reported “great success” of the pilot in its Connected e-newsletter.

Conexxus and NACS have been working closely with TCB to establish digital standards and best practices for single use, AI (8112) coupons in the C-store channel. As part of this work, TCB facilitated the pilot in conjunction with coupon provider Koupon Media, POS provider The Pinnacle Corp., and two owner/ operators: Quickway, and Git N Go.
“Hats off to Koupon Media, Conexxus, and The Pinnacle Corp. for putting together the pilot and the great video presentation that perfectly illustrated the positive offer file process at the POS and the offer security functions,” CTB wrote in its newsletter Connected. “These groups are now connected to TCB and prepared to work with C-store stakeholders as they plan for these new offers.”

“During the NACS show, interested retailers introduced us to their provider partners where we were able to develop dialogue to continue to grow this initiative in the space,” TCB said in its newsletter. “We are looking forward to announcing those new Accelerator partnerships soon! One of the other initiatives, we will be partnering with Conexxus/ NACS to accomplish retailer education around the coupon process; so we will be announcing new C-store focused webinars in the next few weeks.”

TCB is seeking guidance through its manufacturer council around three key topics:

  • Can TCB help manufacturers with current fraud issues?
  • How can we share manufacturer preferences for mobile presentment?
  • How can we increase retailer connectivity?

The first council meeting will be later in October. TCB is also soliciting feedback from those companies not on the manufacturer council.

TCB is currently looking for partners to execute end-to-end campaign pilots to provide use case white papers.  Participating partners will work one-on-one with the Bureau team to connect, brainstorm campaign executions and be partnered with other pilot participants.  These white papers will be distributed to newsletter subscribers as well as highlighted on TCB website. For more information, please email Jeff Hudson at Jeff@thecouponbureau.org.

Two upcoming webinars are:

  • Universal Single Use Coupons for Retailers, presented by the Food Marketing Institute on October 29.
  • Universal Positive Offer File Coupon Update, presented by the Association of Coupon Professionals (date to be determined).

The mission of Bureau is to connect manufacturers, retailers and consumers through technology and community. This will be achieved by developing new technology, by supporting third-party technologists, by deploying educational programs for industry stakeholders, and by giving back to the community.

TCB is an open-market platform connecting all stakeholders to the new Universal Positive Offer File. TCB helps support smarter promotions and enables the ongoing growth of the industry. This allows all current stakeholders to maintain their current business functions and expand those by using TCB connectivity.

The TCB team works with members of ACP, JICC, FMI, GMA, CONEXXUS and GS1 US. In the future, TCB intends to coordinate industry education with these groups, as well as support them in annual conferences, education materials, or even monetarily. Each of these associations are critical to the coupon ecosystem and TCB hopes to facilitate conversation, technological advances and opportunity within each.

For more information, visit http://www.thecouponbureau.org/

                                               Mid-October 2019
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