Data and Analytics Offering Precisely Pinpoints Value Seekers      

By Jack Grant

A new targeting solution identifies neighborhoods and markets with value-oriented audiences.

The Consumer Activation Score from Valassis enables advertisers to precisely target value-oriented audiences and deliver the deals they want to receive. Pairing its advanced targeting and data analytics capabilities with consumer activation data, the solution will give advertisers the ability to identify value-seeking consumers with more granularity.

“Consumers provide a wealth of data to brands today, and in return, they expect relevancy and personalization,” said Greg Green, Valassis’ chief data and analytics officer. “With our new Consumer Activation Score, our clients can better target the massive audience of value-seeking shoppers, to deliver more relevant, successful campaigns and improve the consumer experience.”

With 85 percent of brands saying their segmentation strategy is based on broad, simple clustering, he there is a need for an enhanced, narrowed targeting solution. Consumer Activation Score provides a unique audience persona by combining Valassis’ proprietary access to coupon redemption data sources with advanced analytical insights, including what consumers are buying, where they purchase and where they are located. This enables clients to engage a targeted group of value-oriented consumers in a more personalized way at the most critical points during their shopping journey.

The solution is geared toward consumer package goods (CPG) marketers and retailers. CPG advertisers can drive increased awareness of new products and brands, while solidifying retailer relationships through identification of neighborhoods most likely to drive in-store traffic. Retailers will benefit from the ability to drive traffic and sales by targeting promotionally-responsive consumers who will also benefit from more personalized advertising, brand offerings, discounts/coupons and promotions.

As Valassis continues to advance its data strategy and enhance its offerings through partnerships with organizations such as RetailMeNot, a leading savings destination, it aims to increase its unique ability to deliver meaningful results to advertisers and consumers alike.

Green listed several reasons why the solution is so important:

  • Go straight to hot-to-act shoppers: The new targeting index clarifies who is promotionally sensitive for certain product categories. Then reach value-seeking consumers known to shop and spend more per trip.   
  • Get proprietary access to immense shopper data: Print and digital redemption data is combined with advanced analytics on what consumes buy, where they shop, and where they live.
  • Reprioritize local neighborhoods for highest activation: The solution, layered with other shopper indices, may change top markets or neighborhood ATZs, showing hot, responsive areas to deliver ads.
  • Allows marketers to optimize current campaigns and/or an integrated print and digital buy. 

                                               Mid-August 2017