Mobile-Savvy Moms Drive Brick-and-Mortar Retail Success          

By Rose Anthony

Amid the continuous drumbeat of trade press about how online grocery shopping is advancing rapidly, the results of a new national survey of everyday moms suggest that the huge decline of in-store shopping is greatly exaggerated. The research was outlined in the 2K18 Coupon Intelligence Report from Valassis, which unveiled the results to coincide with the recent Mother’s Day on May 13.
Despite growth in ecommerce, mothers still shop only or mostly in stores for food (74 percent), household goods (60 percent) and health and beauty products (52 percent). Dads, on the other hand, seem less concerned about in-store shopping, with just 47 percent choosing this avenue for food purchases, 44 percent for household goods and 37 percent for health and beauty products.

Additionally, when it comes to making unplanned trips to the store or purchases online, moms, especially, can be prompted to do so via timely and relevant coupons and discounts offered by brands.

According to Valassis’ findings, 40 percent of mothers, compared to 26 percent of all consumers, are encouraged to act on this impulse behavior due to coupons/discounts received via email. Word-of-mouth information about a promotion or sale fuels this behavior as well, with 36 percent of moms responding to this type of marketing, versus 22 percent of all consumers.

“Our research shows that mothers are more inclined than other audiences to prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar locations when it comes to consumer packaged goods and – no surprise – they are readily influenced by coupons and savings to make unplanned purchases,” said Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis. “Understanding how today’s mothers shop will allow retailers to activate these savings-minded consumers. The perfect gift [that] brands can give mothers for their special day is a seamless and more personalized shopping experience, including relevant advertisements, messages and discount opportunities.”

Three key findings and recommendations derived from the research were:

1. Retailers should prepare for mobile-savvy mothers.
  • 79 percent use grocery store, drug store or mass merchandiser savings apps, compared to 56 percent of all consumers;
  • 70 percent use cash back/points apps versus just 46 percent of all consumers; and
  • 62 percent use in-store shopping rewards apps, with 43 percent of all consumers doing the same.

2. More coupons equal more positive perception. 
  • 59 percent of moms say they feel better about companies and brands that offer coupons than those who do not compared to 47 percent of all consumers surveyed.

3. Influence mom up to the point of purchase.
  • 78 percent use their mobile phone while in the store to search for discounts (vs. 61 percent of all consumers)
  • 76 percent will switch brands based on a mobile discount received in the store (vs. 63 percent of all consumers).

The study was fielded in the third quarter of 2017 in conjunction with a global, third-party market research firm with proficiency in internet surveys. The survey was closed once 1,000 completed responses were reached.

                                               Early June 2018