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How to Meet Consumer Desire for Personalized Engagement (April 2020)

WMU Food Marketing Conference Offers Exciting Agenda for CPG and Retailer Attendees (February 2020)

Men’s Online Grocery Shopping Behavior Suggests New Marketing Strategies Needed (Nov. 2019)

LEGO Helps Retailers Use Occasions to Sell Building Sets (August 2019)

Four Reasons Loyalty Marketing Alone Can Only Go So Far (Mid-May 2019)

Will Multicultural Shoppers Reshape U.S. Grocery? (Early May 2019)

Mattel Forges New Shopper Connections (April 2019)

Hershey Connects with Consumers as an 'Innovative Snacking Powerhouse' (Mid-March 2019)

WMU's Annual Food Marketing Conference Coming Up (Early March 2019)

Chobani Scores by Developing Brands for Different Shoppers (February 2019)

Coca-Cola Targets C-Store Customers with New Beverages in 2019 (January 2019)

What CPGs Need to Know about the Dollar Channel (December 2018)

Mondelēz Connects with Consumers via Influencer Marketing (November 2018)

Kraft Heinz Builds Momentum for Oscar Mayer's Lunchables Brand (October 2018)

What Is the Future of the Food Industry? (September 2018)

Frito-Lay Scores by Personalizing Consumer Experiences (June 2018)

Kraft Heinz Creates New Category for Eggs (March 2018)

Red Bull Reconsiders Shelf Placement in Large Format Stores (February 2018)

Category Management Expertise Drives Marketing Success for McKee Foods (January 2018)

Millennial Moms Present New Digital Challenges to CPG Marketers (Mid-December 2017)

Procter & Gamble Maintains Focus on Millennials (Early December 2017)

Colgate-Palmolive Evolves with a Focus on Insights (November 2017)

Mondelez and Albertsons Forge a Winning Partnership (October 2017)

Coca-Cola Remains Bullish on Ability to Meet Shopper Needs (September 2017)

ConAgra Thrives with New Go-to-Market Team (August 2017)

PepsiCo Leverages Shopper Insights for Category Leadership (June 2017)

PepsiCo North America Focuses More on Data and Insights to Drive Growth (May 2017)

Campbell Soup Outlines Four Platforms to Drive Growth (March 2017)

Big Food Fights Back by Launching Branded Home-Delivery Meals (February 2017)

Gallo Winery Embraces Integrated Marketing to Boost Sales (November 2016)

Hershey Leverages Shopper Insights to Reinvent the Candy Aisle (Mid-October 2016)

Colgate-Palmolive Builds Value with 'Shopper Platforms' (Early October 2016)

Hispanics Lead U.S. Market in Grocery Shopping Engagement (September 2016)

ConAgra, Unilever Mull Delivering Meals to the Home (Mid-August 2016)

Clorox Touts Brand Interactions with Consumers (Early August 2016)

Campbell Soup Spices Up Marketing in Walmart Stores (July 2016)

Georgia-Pacific Repositions Brands to Connect More Closely with Shoppers (June 2016)

Unilever Addresses Challenges of Millennial Moms with Customized Program for Walmart (May 2016)

Developing a Holistic Behavorial View of Shopping Occasions (March 2016)

Campbell's Swanson Brand Reaching Out to Millennials (December 2015)

Hershey Gains Shopper Insights from 'Touch Point' System (Mid-November 2015)

Colgate-Palmolive Hones Best Practices in Shopper Marketing (Early November 2015)

'Occasion-Based Approach' Provides Insights for Heineken (October 2015)

Henkel Leverages Shopper Segmentation to Boost Sales (September 2015)

Coca-Cola Focuses on Millennials' Desire for Instant Gratification (August 2015)

Atkins Nutritionals Scores with Shopper Research for Product Launch (July 2015)

Shoppers Spend Less Time in Grocery, More in C-Stores: MegaStudy (Mid-June 2015)

Valuable Insights Gained from Canadian Shopper Study (Early June 2015)

Dannon Deploys Consumer Marketing Mix for More Growth (Mid-May 2015)

All-Star Speakers to Headline Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference (Early May 2015)

Energizer Personal Care Enhances Collaboration with Retailers (Mid-April 2015)

Seize "Moments that Matter" to Influence Shoppers: Study (Early April 2015)

Leveraging the Growing Influence of the Male Food Shopper (March 2015)

Clorox Touts New Connections with Today's Empowered Customers (February 2015)

Retailers Remain Key Part of Kimberly-Clark's Brand Building Programs (January 2015)

Millenials: Who Are They Really? (Mid-December 2014)

New Shopper Journey Includes Search for Value in Fewer Stores (Early December 2014)

Campbell Soup Focuses on Joint Insights Planning with Retailers (August 2014)

Beech-Nut Aims to Rebound by Targeting Millennial Moms with Natural Baby Food (June 2014)

Food Industry Summit to Focus on Omni-Channel Marketing (February 2014)

Consumer Insights Plus Analytics Equals Sweet Spot for Hershey (January 2014)

Coca-Cola Leverages New Process of 'Shared Media' to Engage Shoppers (November 2013)

ConAgra, PepsiCo Stress Partnering with Retailers to Serve Shoppers Better (October 2013)

Multi-Cultural Shopper Insights Key Heineken's Sales Growth (August 2013)

No-GMO Pledge Puts Ben & Jerry's in Spotlight of Controversial Issue (July 2013)

Hispanics: Valuable Consumers Who Love to Shop (May 2013)

ConAgra Scores by Understanding Shoppers' New Media Habits (March 2013)

Food Industry Summit to Focus on Leveraging Shopper Insights (February 2013)

Coca-Cola Banks on Emotion-Based Marketing Philosophy (January 2013)

Own the Future of Shopping via Digital/Mobile (December 2012)

Making the Most of Your Investment in Insights (Mid-November 2012)

Clorox's Kingsford Brand Promotes More Meal Occasions in Walmart (Early November 2012)

New Focus on Seasonal Promotions  Boosts Sales for Barilla America (October 2012)

Leveraging Insights Can Help Reinvent Retail Environment (Mid-September 2012)

Consumer Insights from ‘Community Panels’ Propel Burt’s Bees (Early September 2012)

Focus on Shopper Insights to Spur Dannon’s Dairy Sales (August 2012)

New Opportunities for Sales Growth in Grocery Center Store (June 2012)

Campbell Soup Aims to Turn Millennials into Core Shoppers (May 2012)

Clorox Leverages Shopper Insights to Power Seasonal Promotions (April 2012)

Procter & Gamble Places Big Bet on Digital Marketing (March 2012)

P&G to Rely More on Digital Marketing to Boost Brand Sales (February 2012)

Frito-Lay Deploys Behavior Research to Boost Sales in Stores (Mid-January 2012)

What Are the Five Keys to Success in Shopper Centricity? (December 2011)