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Unique Benchmarking Strategy Boosts Private Brands (June 2020)

Sales of Store Brands Increase as Shoppers Stock Up during the Crisis  (May 2020)

CBD and Plant-Based Foods Strengthen Competition against National Brands (January 2020)

Private Label Driving Disruption in CPG  (November 2019)

Private Label Gains Ground in Mass Channel and Online (September 2019)

Private Label Is Upending the Omnichannel Landscape (July 2019)

Brands Looking over their Shoulder at Private Label Goods (February 2019)

Private Label Increases Market Share across Europe (July 2018)

Momentum Continues for Store Brands (May 2018)

PLMA Trade Show to Exhibit Growth of European Store Brands (March 2018)

Store Brands Chipping Away at National Brand Dominance (October 2017)

Housewares, Kitchenware to Enhance PLMA Trade Show (September 2017)

Grocers Gain Foothold for Sale of their Wine Brands (June 2017)

Lab Tests Give Thumbs Up for Costco and Trader Joe's Olive Oil (February 2017)

Private Label Plays Important Role in Driving Shopper Engagement (December 2016)

Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday to Keynote PLMA Trade Show (Mid-October 2016)

How America's Eating Habits Are Changing: New PLMA Study (Early October 2016)

What Is Behind Amazon's Move into Private Label Consumables? (September 2016)

Market Share Climbs in 13 of 20 Countries Across Europe (August 2016)

Top Store Brands to Be Awarded at International Exhibition in Amsterdam (Mid-May 2016)

Store Brands Growth Continues with Record Sales (Early May 2016)

Treehouse to Add 'Better-for-You' Products to Revitalize Business (April 2016)

Store Brands Drive Higher Satisfaction and Loyalty: Study (March 2016)

PLMA Award Winners Pose Challenge to Name Brands (Mid-January 2016)

PLMA Launches 'PLMA Live' in Europe (Early January 2016)

Trading Partner Collaboration Is Key to Digital Marketing: Red Gold (Mid-December 2015)

Private Label Can Challenge Brands in Grocery Perimeter: Study (Early December 2015)

CPGs Wrestle with the Market Position of Store Brands (November 2015)

How CPG Can Embrace Private Label to Drive Brand Growth (October 2015)

Store Brand Savings Could Be Boon for New Parents (September 2015)

Shopper Preferences Boost Personal Care Category (August 2015)

Store Brands Widen Growth Gap vs. National Brands (May 2015)

Grocery Shoppers Remain Loyal to Favorite Stores: PLMA Study (April 2015)

Private Label, National Brands Search for Consistent Growth (February 2015)

Value Tops List of Millennials’ Shopping Priorities: PLMA Study (Mid-January 2015)

Store Brand Statistics and Record of Growth Now Online (Early January 2015)

Innovative Products Draw Attention at PLMA Trade Show (December 2014)

PLMA's 'Store Brands Reality Trade Show' Set to Be Biggest Ever (September 2014)

ConAgra Leverages Insights to Power Cross-Targeting Promotions in Grocery Stores
(August 2014)

What Is the Top Priority of Millennial Grocery Shoppers? (July 2014)

ConAgra Foods Takes Steps to Improve Integration of Ralcorp (March 2014)

Private Label Can Partner with Name Brands for Mutual Growth: Report (January 2014)

Smooth Sailing for ConAgra after Acquisition of Ralcorp (October 2013)

Pet Products to Step Into the Spotlight at PLMA Trade Show (September 2013)

Votality Squeezing Global Private Label Supply Chain (August 2013)

Women Remain Household's Primary Grocery Shoppers: Study (July 2013)

Shoppers Cling to Private Label as Brand Loyalty Declines: Deloitte (May 2013)

Leveraging Ralcorp’s Products Key to ConAgra’s Growth (April 2013)

Can CPG Makers Balance Sales of Name Brands and Private Label? (March 2013)

CPG Brands Must Innovate to Prevent Decline in Market Share (February 2013)

National Brands Gaining on Private Label: New Report (December 2012)

Makers of Store Brands Ready to Roll at PLMA Trade Show (October 2012)

New Pet Pavilion Added to 2012 Private Label Trade Show (September 2012)

Consumers Are Losing Enthusiasm for Store Brands: Report (August 2012)

Shoppers Reluctant to Resume Buying Only National Brands (July 2012)

Shoppers Feel Good about Buying More Store Brands: Report (June 2012)

PLMA Readying ‘World of Private Label’ Trade Show in Amsterdam (April 2012)

Target ‘Switchers’ to Grow Store Brand Sales: Study (March 2012)

2012: Year of the Consumer for Private Label (February 2012)

Technology to Influence Shoppers in 2012: PLMA Panel (January 2012)

Latino, Hispanic Products Heat up PLMA’s 2011 Trade Show (December 2011)