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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Help CPG Redefine Digital Business (July 2020)

Sales of Direct-to-Consumer Brands Soar during the Pandemic (April 2020)

Shopper Data Is the Key to Sizzling Up Long-Term Success (Mid-March 2020)

Hershey Focuses on Three Pillars of Digital Transformation (Early March 2020)

Frito-Lay Relies on Data and Insights to Satisfy Changing Taste Preferences (Mid-February 2020)

Nestle-Purina Pet Care Tiptoes into Voice Technology (Early February 2020)

Kimberly-Clark Solves the Mystery of Click-and-Collecting its Products (Mid-January 2020)

Procter & Gamble Scores with One-to-One Brand Building (Early January 2020)

Enjoy Life Leverages Agility to Become a Winning Brand (Mid-December 2019)

Frito-Lay Leverages eCommerce to Meet Consumer Needs (Early December 2019)

How Wonderful Co. Aims to Juice Up Online Sales (Mid-November 2019)

Leveraging Meal Planning Services Boosts Brands (Early November 2019)

Unilever Adapts to Fast-Moving Omnichannel Landscape (Mid-October 2019)

How Kellogg Became an Effective Digitally Enabled Organization (Early October 2019)

Procter & Gamble Bolsters its Digital Commitment (Mid-September 2019)

Filippo Berio Boosts Brand Awareness with Comprehensive Digital Campaign (Early September 2019)

Pfizer Relies on Multiple Data Sources for Better Shopper Insights (August 2019)

How CPG Giants Can Grow Market Share Online (July 2019)

Del Monte Foods Lays Foundation for New Era of Growth (June 2019)

Effective Shopper Marketing Partnerships Key to Success for Mondelez International (May 2019)

Francis Ford Coppola Winery Scores with 'Digital Endcap' on Meal-Planning Website (April 2019)

Johnson & Johnson Touts Innovation to Fend Off Start-Up Competitors (March 2019)

Nestlé Launches New Digital Platform to Enhance Shopper Communications (Mid-February 2019)

New Hub for End-to-End Product Content Management Created (Early February 2019)

Mondelēz Relies on Unique Recipe for Future of Snacks (January 2019)

Digital Transformation Helps Carlsberg Accelerate Growth (Mid-December 2018)

Kraft Heinz Aims to Create Growth through Digital Transformation (Early December 2018)

Eye on Cannabis: Is CPG Prepared? (Mid-November 2018)

Hershey Aims to Innovate and Collaborate (Early November 2018)

Artificial Intelligence Brings Agnosticism to CPG Growth Mapping (October 2018)

eCommerce CDTs Show Brands Are More Important to Online Grocery Shoppers (Mid-September 2018)

Five Ways Virtual Reality Disrupt Market Research (Early September 2018)

Shoppers Want More from Loyalty Programs (Mid-August 2018)

Constellation Brands Touts Potential Sales of Alcoholic Beverages Online (Early August 2018)

Kellogg Dissects New Breed of 'Brick & Order' Shopper (Mid-July 2018)

Keurig Green Mountain Targets High-Volume Shoppers (Early July 2018)

Augmented Reality: Key Considerations for Marketers (Mid-June 2018)

Coca-Cola Deploys Virtual Reality Testing to Reset Shelves (Early June 2018)

Mondelēz Ramps Up Digital Disruption to Boost Brands (May 2018)

Kellogg’s Advises CPGs to Begin Direct-to-Consumer Sales (April 2018)

Unilever Threatens to Pull Advertising from Social Sites that Create Division (Mid-March 2018)

Chef'd Grows Meal Kit Business by Partnering with Brands and Grocers (Early March 2018)

Hershey Looks to Enhance Relationships with Retailers (Mid-February 2018)

Procter & Gamble Banks on Digitization for Growth (Early February 2018)

Four Proven Steps to Launch a Successful E-Commerce Sampling Campaign (Mid-January 2018)

How Consumer Goods Companies Can Gear Up for the Omnichannel World (Early January 2018)

Coca-Cola Stresses Digital Sales and Marketing as Keys to Growth (Mid-December 2017)

Edgewell Personal Care Looks to Solidify Digital Capabilities (Early December 2017)

How Is E-Commerce Changing CPG Marketing? (Mid-November 2017)

Snyder's Lance Sharpens Effectiveness of Promotional Dollars (Early November 2017)

GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative Bolstering CPG Industry (Mid-October 2017)

Digital Influences Most Grocery Sales along Path to Purchase: Survey (Early October 2017)

Mars Sees Growth Potential for Candy Sales Online (Mid-September 2017)

Dr Pepper Refines Its Digital Promotions with Retail Partners (Early September 2017)

Reynolds Improves Data Standardization of its Products (Mid-August 2017)

Welcome to Commerce's New World Order (Early August 2017)

Five Ways Virtual Reality Disrupts Market Research (Mid-July 2017)

Procter & Gamble Remains Bullish on E-Commerce (Early July 2017)

Getting Started with SmartLabel to Give Consumers More Information (Mid-June 2017)

CPG Brands Can Engage Consumers via Augmented Reality (Early June 2017)

Putting Machine Learning to Work for Consumer Products (Mid-May 2017)

Herr's Leverages Social Media to Create a Buzz for its Salty Snacks (Early May 2017)

Google: CPG Marketers Must Focus on ‘Shopper of the Future’ (Mid-April 2017)

Kellogg Boosts Sales, Bolsters Center Store with Virtual Reality Insights (Early April 2017)

Social Media Influencers New Key to Building Brand Loyalty (Mid-March 2017)

Unilever and Mondelez Lead CPGs Providing Product Transparency to Shoppers (Early March 2017)

CPG's $100 Billion Opportunity for Online Grocery (Mid-February 2017)

Procter & Gamble 'Reads' Facial Expressions of Shoppers and then Adjusts Ad Displays (Early Feb. 2017)

Tech Capabilities Help Johnsonville Reign as No. 1 Brand of Sausage in the U.S. (Mid-January 2017)

Get into E-Commerce to Avoid the Fate of Blockbuster Video (Early January 2017)

How to Optimize Product Placement on the Digital Shelf (Mid-December 2016)

CPG Brands Are Lagging on POS Data Analytics (Early December 2016)

Creating a 'Win-Win-Win' with New Approach to Online Category Management (Mid-November 2016)

Data and Technology Fuel PepsiCo's Marketing and Innovation (Early November 2016)

CPGs Must Change their Relationship with Connected Consumers: SAP (Mid-October 2016)

Sales of Cleaning Supplies Are Booming in the eCommerce Channel (Early October 2016)

Clorox Advocates 'Digitizing' Center Store to Drive Growth (August 2016)

How to Optimize Content on Amazon (July 2016)

Unilever Leverages Participation in Online Grocery Shopping (June 2016)

Use of Big Data in Marketing Still a Work in Progress (May 2016)

Nestle-Purina Uses Augmented Reality to Demo End-Caps, Planograms (Mid-April 2016)

Mondelez Rolls on with 'Shopper Futures' Program to Redefine Retail (Early April 2016)

Edgewell Gains with Shoppers, Retailers via Virtual Realtiy (March 2016)

Technology Holds Key to Future of Grocery Shopping (Mid-February 2016)

CPGs Must Embrace Technology, Innovation Despite Cost Pressures (Early February 2016)

Single-Data Model Key to Global P&G CRM Program (January 2016)

Conair Rolls Out Enhanced Mobile Solution for Field Sales (December 2015)

McCain Foods Cooks Up Big Data Recipes for Potato Business (Mid-November 2015)

P&G Aims to Enhance Consumer Understanding with New CRM Platform (Early November 2015)

Unilever Fine-Tunes Digital Strategies for Omnichannel Success (Mid-October 2015)

How Can CPG Capitalize on Hispanics' Love for All Things Digital? (Early October 2015)

Mobile Marketing Engages More Shoppers, Drives In-Store Traffic (Mid-September 2015)

Hershey Ramps Up Online/Offline Touchpoints to Engage Shoppers (Early September 2015)

ConAgra Relies on Retailers to Power its e-Commerce Business (August 2015)

Mondelez Launches 'Shoppers Futures' to Reinvent Retail (July 2015)

Use of Big Data in Marketing Still a Work in Progress: Survey (Mid-June 2015)

Digital Contexts Recast Emotional Interactions with Brands (Early June 2015)

More Shoppers to Buy Groceries Online: Survey (Mid-May 2015)

CPG Brands Get Boost from Spartan Nash's yes Rewards Program (Early May 2015)

‘Shopping Technology Is Exploding’ (Mid-April 2015)

Kellogg's Offers Tips on Measuring Digital Media Performance (Early April 2015)

Consumer Goods Forum Commits to Guidelines on Data Privacy (Mid-March 2015)

Nestlé Gives Thumbs Up to Customized, Curated Products (Early March 2015)

Five Common Misconceptions about CPG Loyalty Programs (Mid-February 2015)

GS1 US Aims to Ramp Up Retail Grocery Initiative in 2015 (Early February 2015)

Unilever Boosts Brand Presence in Online Retail Stores (January 2015)

Diageo Aims to Boost Brands by Embracing Digital Engagement (Mid-December 2014)

Salada Tea Scores with Social Media to Boost Brand Awareness (Early December 2014)

GSK Consumer Healthcare Outlines Plans for Digital Future (Mid-October 2014)

Nestlé Scores by Transforming Digital Marketing and Social Media (Early October 2014)

Kraft Using Big Data and Digital Marketing to Spur Sales in Center Store (September 2014)

Hillshire Brands Scores with Geo-Targeting Promotions in Grocery Stores (August 2014)

Clorox Calls Burt's Bees a Success Story in Digital Marketing (July 2014)

Future Supermarkets to Provide More Engaging Shopper Experience: FMI (June 2014)

Tyson Foods Boosts Sales Using Social Media, Cause Marketing (Mid-May 2014)

Nestle Purina PetCare Establishes its Digital Influence (Early May 2014)

Campbell Soup Rolling Out New Marketing Strategy to Engage Consumers (March 2014)

Kraft Foods Touts 'Power of Personalization' to Remain Relevant (February 2014)

CPG Companies May Miss Opportunity for Increasing Online Sales: Study (January 2014)

Loyalty Strategy Remains a Juggling Act for CPG: Study (Mid-December 2013)

Facebook Proving to Be Effective Marketing Vehicle for CPG (Early December 2013)

P&G, Unilever Fall Short as Digital "Best in Class" (Mid-November 2013)

Cultivating Fans on Facebook Leads to Increased Sales of Dr Pepper (Early November 2013)

Kellogg Enhances Brand Loyalty via Family Rewards Program (October 2013)

Frito-Lay's Doritos Brand Goes Global with "Crash the Super Bowl" Contest (Mid-Sept. 2013)

Should Marketers Trust Their Gut or Data? (Early September 2013)

Goya Foods Refines Targeting via Marketing Intelligence Platform (August 2013)

CPGs need to Prepare for Growth of Online Grocery Shopping: IGD (Mid-June 2013)

Will Kroger's App Replace Its Loyalty Card? (Early June 2013)

Millennials Targeted Digitally as Campbell Aims to Boos Brand Relevance (May 2013)

Activating Shoppers Online Adds Spice to McCormick’s Branding (Mid-April 2013)

J.M Smucker Banks on Creative Digital Promotions to Boost Brands (Early April 2013)

Mondelez International Unveils Big Agenda for Mobile Marketing (February 2013)

Mobile Propels Enjoy Life Foods in Growing ‘Free-From’ Market (January 2013)

Analysis of Retail Digital Media Activity Helps Kellogg Better Shape Strategies (November 2012)

It’s Time for CPG Companies to Embrace Enterprise Mobility (October 2012)

Workshops on Trade Promotion & Retail Tech to Highlight LEAD Marketing Conference (September 2012)

All-Star Speakers, Awards to Highlight Fourth LEAD Marketing Conference (Mid-August 2012)

‘Brand Unity’ Brings Together Pepsi and Kroger for Creative Promotions (Early August 2012)

Just How Smart is Today's Shopper Technology? (July 2012)

P&G, Walmart Create Buzz with ‘Mobile’ Promotion in New York, Chicago (June 2012)

CPG Marketers Must Engage Shoppers via Mobile Media (May 2012)

CPG Marketers Face Challenge of Offering Digital Product Information (April 2012)

How Do Today’s Shoppers Rate the New Tech Tools? (March 2012)

NRF Show Presents Technology to Boost Brands, Stores (February 2012)

IBM Enhancing 'Smarter Commerce' Initiative (January 2012)

Capitalize on Three Search Trends to Enhance CPG Marketing (December 2011)