How Has the Pandemic Changed Consumer Behavior? (Mid-July 2020)

Learning from the Great Recession: The Power of a Couon Marketing Strategy (Early July 2020)

New Round of Fake Coupons Hitting Social Media (Mid-June 2020)

Silver Lining for Coupons Expected during the Pandemic (Early June 2020)

How to Prevent Digital Coupon Fraud (Mid-May 2020)

Digital Coupon Fraud Is Debatable (Early May 2020)

Is the Pandemic a Threat to Paper Coupons? (Mid-April 2020)

Landscape for Print and Digital Promotions Continues to Shift (Early April 2020)

More Grocers Discontinue Doubling Coupons (Mid-March 2020)

Industry Coupon Conference to Focus on Best Practices (Early March 2020)

CPGs Need a Cross-Channel Approach to Promotional Media (Feruary 2020)

Experts Promote a Positive Offer File to Prevent Coupon Fraud (Mid-January 2020)

Bold Coupon Predictions for 2020 Reveal Diversity of Opinions (Early January 2020)

Industry Coupon Conference Plans Agenda on Critical Issues (Mid-December 2019)

What Can Be Done to Prevent Coupon Fraud? (Early December 2019)

Call to Action to Prevent Coupon Fraud (Mid-November 2019)

Instant On-Pack Offers Tops in Redemption (Early November 2019)

Pilot of Universal Positive Offer File Deemed a 'Great Success' (Mid-October 2019)

Fake Coupons on Facebook Roil Industry (Early October 2019)

FSIs Continue to Decline While Digital Promotions Increase (September 2019)

Combatting Coupon Fraud in Convenience Stores  (Mid-August 2019)

Millennials More Motivated by Rebates than Other Shoppers (Early August 2019)

Suggestions for Manufacturers to Minimize Exposure to Counterfeit Coupons (mid-July 2019)

Landscape for Printer and Digital Promotions Has Changed (Early July 2019)

Coupon Bureau Selected for Universal Coupon Solution (Mid-June 2019)

Key Emerging Trends Presented at Annual ACP Conference (Early June 2019)

Millennials More Motivated by Rebates than Other Shoppers (Mid-May 2019)

Appetite for Savings Strong as Online Grocery Shopping Grows (Early May 2019)

Desire for Convenience and Savings Still Motivates Shoppers (Mid-April 2019)

CPGs Can Target Giant Eagle Shoppers Using New Media Platform (Early April 2019)

Three Key Promotion Trends to Watch in 2019 (Mid-March 2019)

The Industry Strikes Back Against Fraud (Early March 2019)

Valassis Enhances Omni-Channel Approach and Reach (February 2019)

What's the Forecast for Coupons in 2019? (Mid-January 2019)

What Is Really Happening Today? (Early January 2019)

Enhanced Solution Eliminates Fraud in Real Time (Mid-December 2018)

Quotient Technology Aims to Drive Conversion Marketing (Early December 2018)

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Still a Destination for Savings (Mid-November 2018)

Shoppers Use Digital Coupons for Five Basic Products (Early November 2018)

Deals Influence Grocery Shopping, In-Store and Online (Early October 2018)

Good News and Bad News for FSIs (Mid-September 2018)

Print FSIs Continue to Decline in First Half of 2018 (Early September 2018)

Load-to-Card Coupons Continue to Surge in 2018 (Mid-August 2018)

Load-to-Card Redemption Climbs as Print-at-Home Struggles (Early August 2018)

Tipping the Scale with Millennials for New Product Launches (Mid-July 2018)

Mobile QR Code Coupon Redemptions to Surge (Early July 2018)

Coupons Influence, Alter Purchasing Behavior: New Study (Mid-June 2018)

Mobile-Savvy Moms Drive Brick-and-Mortar Retail Success (Early June 2018)

New Research Finds Promotions Actively Driving Alcohol Sales (Mid-May 2018)

Finding Digital Success with a Consumer-First Strategy (Early May 2018)

Counterfeiting Continues to Roil Brands and Grocers (Mid-April 2018)

Rebrand of RedPlum Aims to Benefit CPG Brands (Early April 2018)

Thumbs Down for Internet Print-at-Home Coupons for Free or High-Value Products (Mid-March 2018)

Right Media Mix Can Satisfy Consumer Demand for Savings (Early March 2018)

Digital Redemption Increasing as Print-at-Home Coupons Fade (Mid-February 2018)

Printed Store Circular Lingers as Source on In-Ad Coupons (Early February 2018)

Food Stamp Recipients Get Easy Access to Digital Coupons (Mid-January 2018)

Enhanced Personalization Will Enable Digital Success in New Year (Early January 2018)

20-Somethings to Shop More in Store than Other Generations during Holiday Season (Mid-Dec. 2017)

Millennials in Canada Still Rely on Print Coupons and Flyers (Early December 2017)

Counterfeiting Continues to Roil CPG Brands and Grocers (Mid-November 2017)

Millennial Shoppers Driving Growth of Digital Coupons (Early November 2017)

Coupons Remain Valued Promotion in Today’s Digital World: Shopper Survey (Mid-October 2017)

POS Network Enables Bodegas to Accept and Process Coupons (Early October 2017)

Shoppers Demand Greater Savings and Convenience: Report (Mid-September 2017)

Consumer Use of Digital Coupons Keeps Increasing (Early September 2017)

Data and Analytics Offering Precisely Pinpoints Value Seekers (Mid-August 2017)

Setback for 'Coupon Fairies' in Major Fraud Case (Early August 2017)

Counterfeiting Continues to Roil CPG Brands (Mid-July 2017)

CIC Issues Alert about Fake Coupons on Facebook (Early July 2017)

Mobile Rebates: An Instant Solution for Alcohol Brands (Mid-June 2017)

How CPGs Can Take Coupon Personalization to a New Level (Early June 2017)

A Promotion Pilot's Pre-Launch Checklist (Mid-May 2017)

Coupon Industry Flexes its Muscles at Annual Conference (Early May 2017)

Consumers 'Always Connected' Along Path to Purchase (April 2017)

Mobile Offers Are Shaping the Marketing Landscape: Report (Mid-March 2017)

Shoppers Migrating to Digital Coupons over FSIs (Early March 2017)

Consumer Promo Spending Softens in 2016 While Trade Rates Stay Steady (February 2017)

Technology Fuels Couponing (Mid-January 2017)

Digital Redemption Values Set to Double by 2021 (Early January 2017)

Why Do Print at Home and Paperless Coupon Redemption Rates Differ? (Mid-December 2016)

New Planning Guide Underscores Importance of Mobile Coupons (Early December 2016)

Questions Raised about the Marketing of FSIs (Mid-November 2016)

Recognizing an 'Opportunity Gap' for CPG Growth (Early November 2016)

GS1 US and JICC Collaborate to Deliver Digital Couponing Standard (Mid-October 2016)

Digital Coupons Now Available through Samsung Pay (Early October 2016)

Are Digital Coupons Shifting to Price? (Mid-September 2016)

CPG Digital Coupon Circulation Grows by 23.4% in 1st Half of 2016 (Mid-September 2016)

FSIs Still Dominate Despite Increasing Redemption of Digital Offers (Mid-August 2016)

Can Independents & Wholesalers Get Fair Share of FSI Promotion Dollars? (Early Aug. 2016)

Research Highlights Impact of Coupons on Hispanic Shopping Behavior (July 2016)

More Distribution of Digital Coupons Increases Potential for Fraud (Mid-June 2016)

Latest Trends Signal Growth for Digital Offers (Early June 2016)

Millennials, Personalization Drive Change in Marketplace (May 2016)

Scammers Target Consumers on Social Media with 'Exclusive Coupons' (April 2016)

CPG Surprise: Millennials Rely on Print Coupons for Savings (March 2016)

Mobile Surpasses Print and Desktop in Search for Offers (Mid-February 2016)

Less Overall Redemption in 2015 Amid More Digital Interest (Early February 2016)

Dollar Value of FSIs Increased 2.9% in 2015: Kantar Media (Mid-January 2016)

What Is the Forecast for FSI and Digital Offers in 2016? (Early January 2016)

New Hologram Debuts to Enhance Security, Prevent Fraud (Mid-December 2015)

Why Do Shoppers Still Prefer Paper Coupons over Digital? (Early December 2015)

Millennials Want Personalized Offers, Prefer to Shop in Stores (November 2015)

FSI Study Shows Grocery Advertising Expenditures Up (Mid-October 2015)

ACP Sets Dates for Educational Seminar, Annual Conference (Early October 2015)

Digitally-Distributed Offers Increase by 17 Percent in First Half of 2015 (Mid-September 2015)

New Insights into the Millennials' Attitude about Discounts (Early September 2015)

ACP Academy to Debut with Webinar Series (Mid-August 2015)

FSI Update: Face Value Increases, Distribution Decreases (Early August 2015)

Digital Promotions Must Respond to Changing Consumer Behavior (Mid-July 2015)

Digital Coupons 'Cut Out' Challenges of Traditional Offer Redemption (Early July 2015)

Trading Partners Must Make Digital Offers Seamless for Millennials (June 2015)

Brands Boost Shopper Loyalty on Promotion Platform Linked to Charities (May 2015)

Doubling Down on Coupons (Mid-April 2015)

Major Retailers Post Double-Digit Increases in Digital Offers (Early April 2015)

Are Coupons Being Cut Out of the Online Grocery Business? (Mid-March 2015)

Marketers' Strategies Deliver Increased Consumer Savings (Early March 2015)

Redemption of Digital Load-to-Card Offers Doubles (Mid-February 2015)

UPC Prefix 5 Barcodes to Retire in Favor of GS1 DataBar (Early February 2015)

What Is the Forecast for FSI and Digital Offers in 2015?  (January 2015)

FSIs Still Dominate Redemptions with Digital Climbing (December 2014)

CPG Marketers to Benefit from New Coupon Policy at Publix (November 2014)

CPG Slow to Realign Coupon Programs for Growing Popularity of Digital (October 2014)

Digital Offers Boost Retailer Brand and Shopper Loyalty: Study (September 2014)

Distribution and Redemption Trends Evolve in 2014 (August 2014)

Personal Care Brands Boost FSI Activity in First Half of 2014 (July 2014)

Kimberly-Clark Uses Analytics to Unlock Digital Coupon Insights (June 2014)

JICC Calls for Comment on Retiring Traditional Coupon Barcodes (May 2014)

Retailer Promo Tactics Post Strong Increases: Report (Mid-April 2014)

Digitally-Distributed Incentives for Food Outpace FSIs (Early April 2014)

Diversity of Strategies Drives Media Mix, Performance of Offers (March 2014)

Print Edges Out Digital as Source for Coupons: New Study of Moms (February 2014)

How Will Paper and Digital Promotions Change in 2014? (January 2014) Leads Retailer Websites in Digital Distribution (December 2013)

Better-Targeted Offers Trigger Uptick in Q3 Redemptions (November 2013)

Shoppers Go Digital as In-Store Behavior Evolves (October 2013)

"Digitally Discovered" Coupon Redemption Increases in First Half of 2013 (September 2013)

CPG Marketers Increase Mix of Coupons, Adjust Tactics (August 2013)

How Can Stores Drive Digital Coupon Adoption? (July 2013)

Digital Coupon Users Spend More than Average Shoppers: Survey (June 2013)

Will Ending Its Double Coupon Program Hurt Kroger? (May 2013)

Barilla America Uses Digital Offers to Monetize and Measure Online Media (March 2013)

Thorny Issues Cloud Future of Digital and FSI Promotions (February 2013)

CPG Marketers Increase Use of FSIs to Promote New Products (January 2013)

Distribution of Digital Offers on Retailer Websites Increases (December 2012)

Use of Digital Coupons Is Widespread But Limited: National Survey (November 2012)

Do CPG Brands Welcome the Decline of Double Coupons? (October 2012)

Double Coupons Fading as Promo Tactic in Favor of Digital Offers (September 2012)

New Technologies Deter Coupon Fraud at the Point-of-Sale (August 2012)

CPGs Starting to Use Social Media to Deliver Offers (July 2012)

Digital Events Increase on Key Network and Retailer Websites (June 2012)

Redemption Soars as CPG Marketers Modify Offers to Balance Consumer Demand (May 2012)

Increased Fraud Underscores Need for Better Security Measures (April 2012)

Why Are CPG Marketers Using Shorter Expiration Dates? (March 2012)

Frugal Mindset Leads to $4.6 Billion Savings in 2011 (Mid-February 2012)

CPG Marketers Ready to Roll with Holograms (Early February 2012)

GS1 DataBar Is Going Solo, But Are Retailers Ready? (January 2012)

CIC Fires Away at Popular 'Extreme Couponing' TV Show (December 2011)

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