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                               EARLY DECEMBER 2019 ISSUE                    Volume 15, No. 23                    Published Online Since 2005                  

Test Launch Is the New Black: How Learning in Market Can Optimize Launch Success and How Drinkworks Did it Best

Listen to this session from the November virtual LEAD Marketing Conference to hear more about the powerful trend toward launching new products in test markets. Organizations are using this approach as a way to skip the stage-gate process and get to market faster in a competitive landscape. It is a method that can also help mitigate risk.

Erin Russeck of AMC Global takes a deep dive into a real-world case study where a major beverage manufacturer, Drinkworks,  adopted a launch-and-learn strategy to bring their new-to-world product to market. Realizing that there is only value in a test market strategy if you allow real consumer insights to fuel the fire at every stage, the company partnered with AMC Global to create a best-in-class research plan for their launch.

Click on the screen below to view this webinar:

After viewing this recording click here to see all the session recordings from CPGmatters' November 2019 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference.

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Snacks Online
Frito-Lay Leverages eCommerce
To Meet Consumer Needs    

Among the biggest challenges that Frito-Lay faces is
making it as easy as possible for shoppers to buy its
wares. And that calls for tapping into e-commerce more effectively to ensure that the PepsiCo-owned snacks giant makes a successful transition to an era in which American consumers finally are embracing digital purchase even of routine CPG goods just as they earlier decided to buy books, music, computers, sneakers and nearly everything else online.  
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In-Lane Program Gives Brands and Retailers
Incremental Reach to Non-Digital Shoppers   

The solution, first integrated across Albertsons Companies, expands omnichannel strategies and unifies shopper experiences across all touchpoints.
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Decoding the Omni Channel Path-to-Purchase:
Driving Brand Growth through Behavioral Design

The digital Path-to-Purchase dramatically impacts how consumers interact with brands and ultimately how they shop. How brands map this new shopper journey is the key to success.     
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What Can Be Done to Prevent Coupon Fraud?

The ability of the retailer to control or prevent coupon fraud is minimal without some kind of technology. Experts participating in a panel discussion suggest some solutions.
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Sales of Breakfast Cereal Increasing around the World  

Asia, Europe, and Africa are regions where cereal sales are growing annually at rates outpacing the U.S. and Canada. Cereals are marketed as an alternative to traditional fare.    
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CBD and Plant-Based Meats Are the Next Big Things
In Store Brands

Plant-based protein and CBD items are appearing in dozens of product categories and were visible on the show floor of  the recent Private Label Manufactures Association trade show.           
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PepsiCo and Walmart Atop PoweRankings Again…..General Mills to Expand Analytics Expertise …..Campbell’s and Dollar General Support Blue Star Families…..Tulkoff Food Products Upgrades Compliance   
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Fresh Produce
Gets Fresher
is a light-hearted and
amusing collection of
news and views about the world of grocery plus trends, grocery trivia, videos, new products, tweets & more.

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