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                                MID-NOVEMBER 2019 ISSUE                    Volume 15, No. 22                    Published Online Since 2005                  

Test Launch Is the New Black: How Learning in Market Can Optimize Launch Success and How Drinkworks Did it Best

Listen to this session from the November virtual LEAD Marketing Conference to hear more about the powerful trend toward launching new products in test markets. Organizations are using this approach as a way to skip the stage-gate process and get to market faster in a competitive landscape. It is a method that can also help mitigate risk.

Erin Russeck of AMC Global takes a deep dive into a real-world case study where a major beverage manufacturer, Drinkworks,  adopted a launch-and-learn strategy to bring their new-to-world product to market. Realizing that there is only value in a test market strategy if you allow real consumer insights to fuel the fire at every stage, the company partnered with AMC Global to create a best-in-class research plan for their launch.

Click on the screen below to view this webinar:

After viewing this recording click here to see all the session recordings from CPGmatters' November 2019 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference.

Books from the Shopper Technology Institute - Available in Paperback &
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Digital Disruption in CPG & Retail
Digital Disruption is the use of new technologies -- such as virtual reality, augmented intelligence, and block-chains -- to improve traditional processes and procedures. This book aims to be your guide,featuring essays by thought leaders and solution providers that outline the new processes and procedures so merchants and marketers can chart a new path in today's rapidly-changing marketplace.

The Essentials of Shopper Technology
Shopper Technology consists of tactics and applications that engage and motivate shoppers, analyze their behavior, and enable trading partners to improve their operations. Consider this book as a way to cut through the clutter as technology roars on, competition heats up, and shoppers become more demanding.

New Directions in Shopper Technology
This book builds on the foundation of The Essentials of Shopper Technology. Divided into five sections -- Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analyltics and Digital --chapters outline the challenges facing merchants and marketers, and offer an analysis of the solutions and their implications.

The Little Book of Big Data
Big Data is important. It's big and getting bigger...and companies of all sizes need to leverage Big Data to engage consumers and monitor their behavior in stores, improve retail performance, and distance themselves from competing brand marketers. But how can this be done? Is there a roadmap for success? And how is success measured? This book provides much needed guidance and a path forward.


PLMA Annual Private Label Trade Show
Nov. 17-19 at the Rosemont Convention Center (10 minutes from Chicago's O'Hare Airport)

Private label market share has reached nearly 25% of unit sales in the U.S. and is expanding faster than national brands. Retailers coast-to-coast have committed themselves to an aggressive store brands strategy while specialty chains are using their own brands to create shopper loyalty unheard of only a few years ago.

Buyers from every channel will be at the 2019 PLMA Annual Trade Show. For more than 30 years, PLMA’s annual trade show has been the industry event of the year, where retailers and wholesalers source for their private label programs. More than 1,500 companies from 40 countries will be exhibiting their products, including 25 international pavilions. Exhibitors range from small and medium-size companies to well-known national brand makers who also supply store brands.

No show offers participants a greater opportunity to meet. Click here to register, or call 212-972-3131 for more information on attending or exhibiting.

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Healthy Outlook
How Wonderful Co. Aims
To Juice Up Online Sales    

POM Wonderful juice and e-commerce came
of age at about the same time over the last 20
years. And lately they’ve been coming together
in ways that boost awareness, marketing and
sales for the Los Angeles-based company that pioneered pomegranate juice and its arsenal of antioxidants as a mainstream beverage. The beverage marketer is also leveraging social media and digital influencers to create awareness of its brand and its reputation for healthfulness.  
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Men’s Online Grocery Shopping Behavior
Suggests New Marketing Strategies Needed  

In a surprising break from traditional shopper demographics, a survey found that two of three male online grocery shoppers do most or all the shopping for their households.
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Legal Considerations around the Use of ‘Retired Brands’ 

There are many legal challenges associated with “retired brands,” both for the brand owner and the would-be new adopter. In all cases, seek advice before proceeding.     
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Call to Action to Prevent Coupon Fraud

Trading partners need to take steps to combat the growing problem of fraud involving paper and digital offers. Real-time validation and clearing at the POS are keys to prevention.
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Sixteen CPGs among Interbrand’s 2019 Best Global Brands  

Coca-Cola ranked fifth in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2019 report, which included fifteen other consumer packaged goods brands scattered among the top 100.    
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Amazon Will Open a Grocery Store Not Named Whole Foods

Management has not confirmed what type of grocery store is being planned, but said it will not use the self-checkout technology offered in the Amazon Go convenience stores.           
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Hershey’s New Bake Shop…..Store Brands Offer Value…..ROFDA to Join Forces with NGA …..Quotient Acquires Ubimo…..Novus International Streamlines Compliance 
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The Future of
Drone Delivery is a
light-hearted and amusing
collection of news and
views about the world of 
grocery plus trends, grocery trivia, videos, new products, tweets & more.

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