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                               MID-OCTOBER 2019 ISSUE                    Volume 15, No. 20                    Published Online Since 2005                  

Building a Data-Led
eCommerce Organization

Molson Coors is on a quest to achieve competitive advantage in eCommerce by equipping its marketing and customer teams with real-time data & insights to fuel decision making.

In this moderated discussion from the Spring virtual LEAD Marketing Conference, Trey Harshfield, Global Director of eCommerce for Molson Coors shares his learnings and insights based on leading Molson Coors through this journey with Keith Anderson, SVP, Strategy, with Profitero.

Listen to learn how to:

  • Define the right data strategy based your organization’s size, retailer focus and stage of eCommerce maturity
  • Integrate offline and online data for customer teams
  • Get business teams to adopt and use analytics
  • Determine what should you build in house versus outsource.

Click on the screen below to view this webinar:

After viewing this recording click here to see all the session recordings from CPGmatters' April virtual LEAD Marketing Conference.

Books from the Shopper Technology Institute - Available in Paperback &
Kindle Editions

Digital Disruption in CPG & Retail
Digital Disruption is the use of new technologies -- such as virtual reality, augmented intelligence, and block-chains -- to improve traditional processes and procedures. This book aims to be your guide,featuring essays by thought leaders and solution providers that outline the new processes and procedures so merchants and marketers can chart a new path in today's rapidly-changing marketplace.

The Essentials of Shopper Technology
Shopper Technology consists of tactics and applications that engage and motivate shoppers, analyze their behavior, and enable trading partners to improve their operations. Consider this book as a way to cut through the clutter as technology roars on, competition heats up, and shoppers become more demanding.

New Directions in Shopper Technology
This book builds on the foundation of The Essentials of Shopper Technology. Divided into five sections -- Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analyltics and Digital --chapters outline the challenges facing merchants and marketers, and offer an analysis of the solutions and their implications.

The Little Book of Big Data
Big Data is important. It's big and getting bigger...and companies of all sizes need to leverage Big Data to engage consumers and monitor their behavior in stores, improve retail performance, and distance themselves from competing brand marketers. But how can this be done? Is there a roadmap for success? And how is success measured? This book provides much needed guidance and a path forward.


Complimentary Registration for CPGmatters'
Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference
Streaming Live Wednesday, November 6

CPGmatters' 16th LEAD Marketing Conference is a
virtual event that features some of the industry's most
knowledgeable experts speaking on topics in the Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital Applications areas.

Attend all day, or just log in for the sessions that interest you.

Sessions are still being finalized, and will feature presentations by top CPG manufacturers and suppliers, such as:

  • Creating Merchandising Magic with Augmented Reality
  • How Brands and Retailers Can Prevent Coupon Fraud
  • Why Small Brands Are Big Online ... And What to Do About It
  • Test Launch Is the New Black -- How Learning in Market Can Optimize Launch Success and How Drinkwater Did It Best!

(Even if you can't attend the live event, register and receive links to all session recordings and supplementary materials.)

Register to attend LEAD on a complimentary basis.

PLMA Annual Private Label Trade Show
Nov. 17-19 at the Rosemont Convention Center (10 minutes from Chicago's O'Hare Airport)

Private label market share has reached nearly 25% of unit sales in the U.S. and is expanding faster than national brands. Retailers coast-to-coast have committed themselves to an aggressive store brands strategy while specialty chains are using their own brands to create shopper loyalty unheard of only a few years ago.

Buyers from every channel will be at the 2019 PLMA Annual Trade Show. For more than 30 years, PLMA’s annual trade show has been the industry event of the year, where retailers and wholesalers source for their private label programs. More than 1,500 companies from 40 countries will be exhibiting their products, including 25 international pavilions. Exhibitors range from small and medium-size companies to well-known national brand makers who also supply store brands.

No show offers participants a greater opportunity to meet. Click here to register, or call 212-972-3131 for more information on attending or exhibiting.

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Staying on Top

Danone Aims to Remain a Giant
In the Changing World of Food Products  

Danone was a giant in the traditional world of CPGs in which meat,
dairy and highly processed foods held sway across the globe.  Now the Paris-based company is trying hard to remain a giant in the new world of CPGs that is rapidly tacking toward plant-based analogs for traditional animal-based products, less-processed foods, and a strong consumer preoccupation not only with what’s in the products but also how they’re produced – and then what happens to the packaging after the contents are gone.   
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Unilever Adapts to Fast-Moving Omnichannel Landscape  

More consumers are using ecommerce for some CPG purchases. Manufacturers like Unilever are matching evolving consumer behaviors by pivoting effectively to omnichannel.
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CPG Needs a New Approach to Innovation 

The nature of innovation has changed. Once it meant creating an R&D arm or acquiring an up-and-coming brand; today innovation requires companies to go further.     
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Pilot of Universal Positive Offer File Deemed a 'Great Success'

A recent coupon pilot demonstrated that single use offers in convenience stores can be validated by the POS, according to The Coupon Bureau.
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Almost a Fifth of All Food and Drink Launches
In Europe Are Organic 

While sales of organic food and drink are rising across the globe, research shows Europe  is spearheading organic innovation with France, Germany and Spain leading the way.  
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Will Consumers Go for Kroger's Food Hall Concept?

Kroger, the second-largest grocer in the U.S., has opened its first food hall called The Rhine Eatery inside a new store in downtown Cincinnati, near its headquarters.           
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Unilever to Cut New Plastic Use…..Millennials’ Top 100 Brands…..Shoppers Share Data for Offers…..Online Grocery Sales Increase…..Automated Compliance System for Breadbar

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