Are Personalized Offers
The Remedy for
Ineffective Trade Promotions?

Trade promotions have been a mainstay of the CPG and retail landscape for a number of years, but satisfaction has been decreasing. Manufacturers and retailers have been increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of trade promotions at the same time as trade spend budgets have been creeping up.  Shoppers, especially younger shoppers, are showing a greater appetite for personalized offers that are delivered digitally. So are personalized offers the remedy for ineffective trade promotions?

Click on the screen below to view this presentation by Graeme McVie of Precima, recorded during the May 2017 Virtual LEAD Marketng Conference:

                                 MID-JUNE ISSUE        Volume 13, No. 12
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Campbell Aims to Gain Tech and Shopper Insights From Chef’d Investment

Campbell will benefit from Chef’d’s insights
on e-commerce business models, access
to data analytics, and insights on shopper
behaviors. The partners also will test
various capabilities around product
innovation and fulfillment during their
three-year agreement. Campbell also is
working with its retail partners on various
e-commerce and meal kit solutions.

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Getting Started with SmartLabel
To Give Consumers More Information

Here are three FAQs about the SmartLabel digital transparency platform designed to give consumers access to more information than could ever fit on a package label.
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Grocers Gain Foothold for Sale of their Wine Brands

Private label wine will be getting a boost in the U.S as German powerhouse Lidl begins rolling out its discount grocery stores selling cheap, award-winning wine.
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Mobile Rebates: An Instant Solution for Alcohol Brands 

With advanced technology, mobile rebates give alcohol brands what is needed to address legal responsibilities and overcome retailer restrictions and shifting consumer behavior.
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Canadian Execs Worried about Food Fraud, Safety: Survey 

Food fraud is the intentional alteration of a product for economic gain. Food safety typically refers to an unintentional process or product that makes people sick by accident.   
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How Can Grocers Capitalize on Small Brand Allure?    

Selling small brands can play an important role in setting a store apart. Offering the same products as everyone else means competing only on price and convenience.
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Movebutter’s Next-Gen Supermarket…..PLMA’s Washington Conference
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Sales and Revenue Transformation Utilizing Historical Customer Order Data & Predictive Analytics

In this session, Vik Mehta, Founder/Managing Pricipal of eMoksha Consulting, discusses how B2B/B2C businesses can apply predictive analytics strategies to historical customer orders to create tremendous value. He also demonstrates how
“actionable data” is more meaningful than “big data” in this context.

The presentation covers:

  • How retailers and e-commerce businesses can achieve revenue growth from historical sales orders
  • Identification of unique customer signals and behaviors hidden in sales orders.
  • Discussion of growth strategies such as customer retention, predicting/preventing customer churn, gaining lost customers and cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Realigning sales teams towards sales quality rather than quantity utilizing customer value scoring.

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