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                              EARLY JUNE 2020 ISSUE                    Volume 16, No. 11                    Published Online Since 2005                  

Consumer Purchasing Behavior Today with COVID-19 and Future Shopper Trends

Did you know the best time to shop in a grocery store during COVID 19 is Wednesday before 10am? In March, 79% of consumers were visiting retail stores, a toilet paper brand was up 8,300%, 54% of Americans were cooking more. Retail Aware manufactures sensors that enable retail brands, retailers and beyond to measure consumer behavior and retail execution in real time.

Tami Catron and Steve Fine from Retail Aware review and compare in-store consumer shopping patterns of brands & retailers before and after the COVID 19 pandemic. Conference presentation centers around industry findings and Retail Aware’s results of their in-store sensor data. The discussion further explores future predictions of consumer shopping trends.

Click on the screen below to view this webinar from the Spring virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

After viewing this recording click here to see all the session recordings from CPGmatters' May 2020 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Summer Edition of CPGmatters'
Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference
Will Stream Live Wednesday, August 12

Because of the tremendous reception received by our May Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference, CPGmatters has decided to add a summer LEAD event on August 12.

LEAD is an all-day, online virtual event that allows 500 Industry Professionals to attend without leaving their home or office,
and is the only Virtual Conference for CPG Retailers and Manufacturers covering all aspects of Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics & Digital Applications.

LEAD is the opportunity for top solution providers to reach hundreds of manufacturers and retailers in supermarket, drug, mass, discount, convenience, and club channels. Speaker/ Sponsors can present the ways in which their sophisticated marketing strategies and new and emerging technologies engage shoppers, analyze their behavior, and enable trading partners to improve their operations.

Participation is Limited to Just Eight Speakers, and a Special
Early Bird Discounts are available for speaker/sponsors through June 19.

For more information visit the LEAD conference website, call 216-534-9933 or write to
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Traditional Greeting Cards
Struggle to Remain Relevant

If there has been any time for Americans to express
sentiments, it is during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it
apparently doesn’t matter enough. Any tide of sentiment-
sharing among crisis-plagued Americans hasn’t been enough
to reverse trends in the greeting-card industry that have
plagued its major players for decades. Pandemic-inspired
purchases – even those made electronically – haven’t been
enough to revive sales.
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Winning the Consumer War: Who Owns the Shelf Space?

Board directors are asking CEOs detailed questions on what they are doing to support recovery, identify opportunities, and mitigate the risk associated with their supply chains.
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Three Keys to Consumer Experience during the Pandemic  

By providing engaging consumer experiences, consumer packaged goods companies can build customer loyalty and find true advocacy on the other side of this pandemic.            
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Silver Lining for Coupons Expected during the Pandemic

Coupon experts look to the recession of 2008 for clues to their fortunes during the coronavirus pandemic as well as for lessons learned to apply today.
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Edibles and Drinkables Lead Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market

It has been more than a year since cannabis was legalized in Canada. While 2019 sales fell short of most expectations, 2020 is in a much better position to succeed.        
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Are Store Brands Set for a Big Growth Spurt? 

National brands saw outsized growth in the first quarter as consumers stocked up in the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic, but store brands expanded even faster.             
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RIP Brian Sharoff…..New Board Members for GS 1 US…..Coke Is Most Chosen Brand…..
Smart CBD Regulations…..Sizzlin’ Snacks…..CPG Supply Index Released
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Zen and the Art of Grocery Shopping
"An irreverent and provocative look
at contemporary grocery shopping."
- Kirkus Reviews

Grocery shopping is an existential
threat to our sanity. On Sampling Day,
we have to park the car in the next
zip code. We can't find a shopping
cart without sticky handlebars.
Checkout lines are too long, but we
can't buy beer at the self-checkout.

If you're flummoxed, read this
quirky collection of stories by
John Karolefski to find tranquility -
and a zany perspective.

Check out the Introduction here; "Look inside the book" and order your copy (paperback or Kindle) by clicking here.
"Brand Loyalty Gets Quarantined" is a collection of news and views about food and drink plus grocery trivia, new products, trends, videos, tweets and more. Click Here to read the latest Grocery Story, Brand Loyalty Gets Quarantined.