How CPG Brands
Are Budgeting and Organizing Around E-Commerce

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson reveals the findings of their annual survey into how CPG companies are budgeting and organizing for the online channel; see these results and get an exclusive peek into what CPGs are doing to win online.

Click on the screen below to view this session from a recent virtual LEAD Marketing Conference and find out:

  • Which eCommerce KPIs are considered most critical by 200 CPGs – and how these have changed year over year;
  • Their top organizational priorities and eCommerce challenges;
  • How the most successful eCommerce heads are budgeting and organizing around Amazon.

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                             MID-MAY 2018 ISSUE                    Volume 14, No. 10                    Publishing Since 2005                  
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Sales and Revenue Transformation Utilizing Historical Customer Order Data & Predictive Analytics

In this session, Vik Mehta, Founder/Managing Pricipal of eMoksha Consulting, discusses how B2B/B2C businesses can apply predictive analytics strategies to historical customer orders to create tremendous value. He also demonstrates how
“actionable data” is more meaningful than “big data” in this context.

The presentation covers:

  • How retailers and e-commerce businesses can achieve revenue growth from historical sales orders
  • Identification of unique customer signals and behaviors hidden in sales orders.
  • Discussion of growth strategies such as customer retention, predicting/preventing customer churn, gaining lost customers and cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Realigning sales teams towards sales quality rather than quantity utilizing customer value scoring.

Click on the screen below to view this presentation:

June 13-15 at the Westin Chicago River North

In an age where Amazon, Apple and Walmart are dominating, how will you survive?

You need two things – breakthrough customer insights and innovative activation strategies for retail. Shopper Insights & Retail Activation delivers.

Featuring industry disruptors – including Warby Parker, PepsiCo, Boxed, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Code Eight, Mars Wrigley, Kellogg, Kraft Heinz, LEGO, The Home Depot, Macy’s, Google & more – Shopper Insights & Activation covers the most critical topics to help the industry navigate the changing landscape of online and offline retail.

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October 21-25 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte-France

Don’t miss SIAL Paris 2018!  The world's largest international marketplace for foodservice professionals seeking inspiration will take place October 21-25, in Paris, France.

Over 150,000 professional visitors and over 7,000 French and international exhibitors from 109 countries will display their foodstuffs at SIAL Paris, ranging from ingredients to processed products, including fresh produce. Discover products from all over the world, see the latest culinary trends, and attend culinary demonstrations.

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Grocery Stories to
Entertain & Inform

is a light-hearted and
amusing collection of news and views about the world of grocery plus grocery trivia, new product reviews, videos, tweets & more.

Click Here to read the latest grocery story, "How Millennials Are Ruining Grocery Shopping."

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This new book from the
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Heineken Depends on 'Customer Value Proposition'
To Lift Sales   

The country’s big brewers are concerned because
consumers’ choice of alcoholic beverages is gradu-
ally changing. More social drinkers are opting for
wine or spirits over beer. So, it’s no surprise why the
Dutch brewer is relying on a creative initiative out-
lining a new Customer Value Proposition (CVP) to
convince retailers to embrace its portfolio of brews
from around the world, especially its iconic Heineken
in green bottles. Dubbed “Profit from a World of Experience,” the platform focuses on two channels: grocery and convenience stores.
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Clorox Deploys Special Display Rack
To Fire Up Charcoal Sales

A market share analysis by Clorox recently revealed that a national dollar store retailer was missing out on fully capturing their fair share of charcoal sales especially in winter.
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Momentum Continues for Store Brands

Growth for retailer brands continues as trading partners gather at the private label trade show in Amsterdam May 29-30 to display products, discuss strategies, and plan for the future.
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New Research Finds Promotions Actively Driving
Alcohol Sales  

Recent research finds that consumer promotions – coupons and rebates – are enabling marketers to impact what consumers are choosing as their preferred beverage, and to drive sales effectively.
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SIAL Paris Is Ready to Inspire the World’s Food Industry  

The trade show scheduled for October 21-25 is a platform for launching new products, testing new markets, and meeting key executives to discuss the challenges that lie ahead.
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Brands Take Recycling and their Businesses
To the Next Level  

Brita and Nespresso have developed innovative recycling programs aimed at making the world — and our environment — a better place. Other brands need to take notice.    
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