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                                EARLY JANUARY 2020 ISSUE                    Volume 16, No. 1                    Published Online Since 2005                  

Why Small Brands Are Big Online...
And What to Do About It

What is the winning playbook and capabilities of smaller, emerging digital disruptors? And how are the best organizations thinking differently about organizing and structure?

In this opening session from CPGmatters' November virtual LEAD Marketing Conference, Keith Anderson of Profitero describes how small brands are winning the Amazon sales battle...and how large brands are fighting back.

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Zen and the Art of Grocery Shopping
."An irreverent and provocative look at
  contemporary grocery shopping."
- Kirkus Reviews

Grocery shopping is an existential threat to our
sanity. On Sampling Day, we have to park the car
in the next zip code. We can't find a shopping cart
without sticky handlebars. Checkout lines are too
long, but we can't buy beer at the self-checkout.

If you're flummoxed, read this collection of stories by John Karolefski to find tranquility - and a zany perspective.

Check out the Introduction here; "Look inside the book" and order your copy (paperback or Kindle, including Kindle Unlimited free copies) on Amazon by clicking here.
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No Mass
Procter & Gamble Scores
With One-to-One Brand Building 

Digital technology and data are continuing to transform today’s CPG marketing world. Procter & Gamble is one of the major companies leveraging these two change agents to move away from marketing to the masses to targeting consumers with precision. The result for P&G has been greater efficiency in marketing and a boost in brand building for its world class portfolio that includes Always, Gillette, Olay, Tide, Ariel and others.  
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Top 20 CPG Industry Predictions for 2020   

Integration of the in-store and online shopping experience, non-traditional channel growth and higher demand for pet products are among the forecasted trends for 2020.
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CPG Brands: Winning in the Era of Relevance  

A brand must have ethical values and demonstrate authenticity in everything it does. That means engendering a sense of connection between brand, consumer and the wider community.     
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Bold Coupon Predictions for 2020 Reveal Diversity of Opinions

Predictions differ about the future of coupons in terms of type, delivery, creativity, security and consumer acceptance. Leaders of the coupon industry speak out. 
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Global Food and Drink Trends for the Next Ten Years  

The food industry has been changing rapidly, keeping pressure on marketers to keep up. Taking the long view, there are three key trends that will shape business over the next 10 years     
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Giant Thinks AR-Games Are Ripe for Grocery Aisles

Giant Food Stores has introduced an augmented reality (AR) promotion, Snowflake Search, designed to send kids on scavenger hunts in stores while their parents shop.          
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Plant-Based Meat Label Standards Released…..GMA Endorses Bills to Curb Recycling Crisis …..New Data Center Elevates Food Safety Security…..New CEO for Label Insight

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